Friends to Taiwan SEO questions from some of the consultants point of view, to find Taiwan local seo done website optimization, local seo practitioners still feel relatively safe, especially communication with aging.

Next, I run is how to judge what the site keyword popularity, is to provide customers with the keyword how to answer to this question time and the price will come from the popularity given the

The integrity of a look at the keyword in the title

General keywords complete point then ranked speed quick, the premise is that if your site itself is a local
SEO search engine site ranking optimization, rich resources, scores of high quality yo.

2 to see the location of the keyword in the title

The keyword clear and focused, the better to do separately

Three. To see the number of keyword ranking Home

If a competitor natural position on the sites ranking is the first page, the greater the number of representatives of the greater the difficulty (even sub-domain can not be ignored), often a snapshot of the long, long time ago, but has been in front of you rely on fixed, which is the weight of the powerful, but the long period of time resources to support more than enough, then, can still be exceeded.

4 are what site to compete and you do these keywords

I believe that a simple look, you know the opponent is strong or weak, the main station, personal station or great difference.

Look to do the number of external links to the site of the keywords

Search engine rankings in fact most of the support of external links, the number of external links and check the home number is how much wine you can see some clues.

6. Look to do the quality of the keyword website external link

Quality you can view the external links in Yahoo & Google in front of dozens of external links is the number of home are what Home, home of the pr for competitors to catch up is very important.

7 look at the number of searches for that keyword search results

To some extent can be used as a criterion, but not absolute is difficult.

8 last say focus on the customers own station should also look at the words they want to be a popular word or precise words, is not it.

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